Rhythm Tech Congas
Rhythm Tech Congas have a fuller, rounder bass and a crisp, sharp slap! The drums are designed so that no two side-plate mounting bolts are in line along the same grain of wood. This design balances the stress on the shell so the congas sound better and stay in tune longer.

The low profile, curved rims are oversized. The head does not come in contact with the sides of the shell, allowing it to vibrate more freely for a loud, full tone.

Rhythm Tech Oak Congas are made from hand selected siam oak and have a beautiful natural finish with double chrome-plated hardware. We use only chrome plating because it's the most durable.

Model # Description US List
RT5101 Rhythm Tech Conga Quinto (11") $579.00
RT5102 Rhythm Tech Conga Conga (11 3/4") $599.00
RT5103 Rhythm Tech Conga Tumba (12 1/2") $625.00

Rhythm Tech Congas