The Rhythm Tech Tambourine

The legendary shape of the Rhythm Tech Tambourine, with its cushioned grip, has made it the most popular instrument of its kind in the world. Nothing else feels or sounds like a Rhythm Tech!

Available with either Nickel Steel or Polished Brass Jingles.

Model # Description US List
RT1010 Black Nickel Jingles $45.95
RT1020 White Nickel Jingles $45.95
RT1030 Red Nickel Jingles $45.95
RT1040 Blue Nickel Jingles $45.95
RT1050 Yellow Nickel Jingles $45.95
RT1070 Midnite Sun* Nickel Jingles $45.95
RT1080 Purple Nickel Jingles $45.95

Model # Description US List
RT1011 Black Brass Jingles $50.95
RT1021 White Brass Jingles $50.95
RT1031 Red Brass Jingles $50.95

*The color Midnight Sun is Glo-In-The-Dark

Tambourine Nickel

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