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The Rhythm Tech RT7350

Rhythm Tech RT7350

Protorq Precision Drum Key

It's unlike any other drum key on the market!

The Protorq is a combination torque wrench and drum key that allows players to pre-select a tension level for tuning any drum, giving them a super fast way to tune.

By using a thumb wheel with numeric settings, drummers quickly and accurately tune all of their drum lugs without under tightening or over tightening. The Protorq alerts a drummer when a lug has been sufficiently tightened.

Model Description US List
MC2 Wireless Mic Clip 7.95
RT7350 Protorq Precision Drum Key 40.95
RT7500 The Mountable Gig Tray 68.95
RT7902 DSM2 Universal Mount 35.95
RT7903 The Sideman 20.95
RT7904 DSM Quad Mount 53.95

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