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How do you use the ProTorq Drum key?

Click here for use instructions.

There are no written settings for the Protorq, meaning that a specific number on the dial does not correspond to a specific pitch for a certain size drum. The numbers are meant to be relative.
Our suggestion is to find the perfect settings that first time & make a note of it on the drum head with a magic marker. That way, every time you change the heads, you’ll have a cheat sheet right in front of you!

How do I install and Adjust The Active Snare?

Your new Active Snare is compatible with all 14 inch snare drums (model RT7000) and 13 inch drums (RT7013), using a standard throw-off mechanism.

Simply attach as you would any conventional snappy snare. You may use either the high strength cord enclosed or straps, depending on the style of your throw-off.

Center the unit on the drum. Check the tension adjustment on the throw-off to be sure there is enough distance left in the screw to be able to adjust the tension thoroughly. Tighten the cord or straps on the butt end and throw-off.

Place the drum on the stand so that the cradle does not come in contact with the Active Snare.

Experimentation will determine just how much tension you should use, but generally the adjustment on your throw-off should be kept looser than you would use for a conventional snappy snare.

With less pressure on the bottom head, you will find that more fine tuning is possible by tightening or loosing the bottom head tension.

The combination of bottom head tuning and throw-off tension will provide all the adjustability you will need to get your sound, however as with any snare don’t over tighten the throw-off or a choked tom-tom like sound will result.

If you like a crisper sound, tune the bottom head tighter, for a fuller looser sound use less tension on the bottom head and throw-off.


Are the Coda Series of Congas still in production?

No. However, you are still able to find them at some local dealers or on Ebay.

Is the Rock Pad still available?

No. However, you are still able to find them at some local dealers or on Ebay.

Does Rhythm Tech make clear Tambourines?

No. Clear plastics have a tendency to be very rigid and therefore, very fragile. We like our tambourines to be virtually indestructible. That’s why our tambourines use a special blend (a secret sauce, if you will) to meet those requirements. if we tried to do that with a clear material, if would “fog” up and not be clear.

What color is Midnight Sun?

Good question! Midnight Sun is Glow-in-the-dark! When the lights are on, however, It takes on an off-white/yellowish tint.

Does Rhythm Tech sell Eggz shakers with custom printing on them?

Sorry, we no longer offer custom imprinting.

How do I become a Rhythm Tech endorsing artist?

Just email an EPK (electronic press kit including gig itinerary) & audio samples to

How can I become a Rhythm Tech dealer?

If you’re opening a music store/website or have an existing one and want to sell our products, please use our Contact Us Form.

Where can I place my order on the Rhythm Tech website?

Rhythm Tech Products are only sold through authorized dealers and distributors.

Can I hear sound samples of your products?

Yes, most of our product pages contain sound samples, just click the speaker icon.

My local dealer doesn’t carry some of your products, how can I get them?

Have your local dealer call us to order the specific product.



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