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The Rhythm Tech RT5345

Rhythm Tech RT5345

Rhythm Tech Timbales

With a sound that's uncommonly brilliant and decidedly distinct, Rhythm Tech Timbales are a proud addition to our top line of drums.

They're available in 14" and 15" shells, these highly polished, all-steel timbales are double-chrome plated for a durable yet responsive drum.

Rhythm Tech Timbales are perfect for today's drummer or percussionist. Available with a heavy-duty stand, cowbell mounting bracket and tuning wrench.


Model Description US List
RT5101 Rhythm Tech Natural Quinto (11") 579
RT5103 Rhythm Tech Natural Tumba (12 1/2") 625
RT5120 Rhythm Tech Djembe Natural 399
RT5122 Rhythm Tech Djembe Red/Black 399
RT5200 Rhythm Tech Bongos 319
RT5250 Bongo Stand 133.95
RT5345 Rhythm Tech Timbales 469
RT5500 Eclipse Conga Natural 479
RT5501 Eclipse Conga Black 479
RT5503 Eclipse Conga Red 479
RT5504 Eclipse Conga Blue 479
RT5505 Eclipse Conga Green 479
RT5510 Eclipse Djembe Natural 299
RT5600 Eclipse Bongos Natural 149
RT5601 Eclipse Bongos Black 149
RT5603 Eclipse Bongos Red 149
RT5604 Eclipse Bongos Blue 149
RT5605 Eclipse Bongos Green 149
RT7600 The Laptop 100.95
RT5751EB The Rhythm Tech Cajon 213.95
RT5130S Djembe Tunable 259.95
RT5725S Bongo Cajon 144.95
RT5735S Laptop Cajon 114.95

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