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The Rhythm Tech DST20

Rhythm Tech DST20

The Rhythm Tech Drum Set Tambourine

The DST is the first tambourine designed specifically for the drummer!

It mounts securely to any stand (with optional DSM2 Universal or DSM Quad), or on the top rod of a Hi-Hat.

A unique polymer Edge widens the playing surface, reduces stick noise and withstands an incredible beating.

Other features include a quick-release wing screw and improved mount for “easy-on / easy-off” and increased stability.


The Rhythm Tech DST with Nickel Jingles
Model Description US List
DST10 Drum Set Tambourine - Black 47.95
DST11 Drum Set Tambourine - Black 51.95
DST20 Drum Set Tambourine - White 47.95
DST21 Drum Set Tambourine - White 51.95
DST30 Drum Set Tambourine - Red 47.95
DST50 Drum Set Tambourine - Yellow 47.95
DST80 Drum Set Tambourine - Purple 47.95
MWTTB Metalworks Triple Timbale Bells 102.95
RT1010 Tambourine Black with Nickel Jingles 45.95
RT1011 Tambourine Black with Brass Jingles 50.95
RT1020 Tambourine White with Nickel Jingles 45.95
RT1021 Tambourine White with Brass Jingles 50.95
RT1030 Tambourine Red with Nickel Jingles 45.95
RT1031 Tambourine Red with Brass Jingles 50.95
RT1040 Tambourine Blue with Nickel Jingles 45.95
RT1041 Tambourine Blue with Brass Jingles 50.95
RT1050 Tambourine Yellow with Nickel Jingles 45.95
RT1060 Tambourine Pink with Nickel Jingles 45.95
RT1070 Tambourine Glow-in-the-Dark with Nickel Jingles 45.95
RT1080 Tambourine Purple with Nickel Jingles 45.95
RT1081 Tambourine Purple with Brass Jingles 50.95
RT1210 Tambourine Black with Nickel Jingles 23.95
RT1220 Tambourine White with Nickel Jingles 23.95
RT1230 Tambourine Red with Nickel Jingles 23.95
RT1280 Tambourine Purple with Nickel Jingles 23.95
RT1412 Stick Jingl-er w/Nickel Jingles 20.95
RT2015 Studio Shaker - 5" 14.95
RT2019 Studio Shaker - 9" 16.95
RT2030 Live Shaker Red 32.95
RT2035 Cocktail Shaker 32.95
RT2040 Live Shaker Blue 26.95
RT2052 Bananna Shaker 9.95
RT2054 Pineapple Shaker 9.95
RT2055 Avocado Shaker 9.95
RT2056 Pear Shaker 9.95
RT2057 Lemon Shaker 9.95
RT2110 Egg Shaker Black 51.95
RT2111 Egg Shaker Colors 51.95
RT2230 Red Maraquitas 8.95
RT2240 Blue Maraquitas 8.95
RT2250 Yellow Maraquitas 8.95
RT2280 Purple Maraquitas 8.95
RT2300 Red/Black Maracas 25.95
RT2430 Stickball 20.95
RT3005 5" Studio Series Cowbell 34.95
RT3008 8" Studio Series Cowbell 43.95
RT3400 The Moon Block 46.95
RT6000 Trigger Triangle 45.95
RT6005 5" Triangle 20.95
RT6006 6" Triangle 23.95
RT7420 Hat Trick G2 Single Nickel Jingles 40.95
RT7421 Hat Trick G2 Single Brass Jingles 42.95
RT7422 Hat Trick G2 Double Row Nickel Jingles 50.95
RT7423 Hat Trick G2 Double Row Brass Jingles 52.95
RT7430 Hat Shake G2 40.95
RT8000 The Rhythm Tech Cabasa 49.95
RT8002 Piccalo Cabasa 33.95
RT8100 Bar Chimes (single) 96.95
RT8102 Bar Chimes (double) 140.95
RT8120 Studio Chimes (single) 50.95
RT8122 Studio Chimes (double) 85.95
RT8300 Barbells Bell Tree 225
RT8400 The Chatterbox 48.95
RTPRO10 Pro Tambourine Black with Steel Jingles 61.95
RTPRO11 Pro Tambourine Black with Brass Jingles 61.95
RTPRO20 Pro Tambourine White with Steel Jingles 61.95
RTPRO21 Pro Tambourine White with Brass Jingles 61.95
RTPRO30 Pro Tambourine Red with Steel Jingles 61.95
RTPRO31 Pro Tambourine Red with Brass Jingles 61.95
RTRC11 Ribbon Crasher 11" 53.95
RTRC15 Ribbon Crasher 15" 56.95
TC4010 True Colors Black Tambourine 10" Jingles 26.95
TC4018 True Colors Black Tambourine 8" Jingles 14.95
TC4020 True Colors White Tambourine 10" Jingles 26.95
TC4028 True Colors White Tambourine 8" Jingles 14.95
TC4030 True Colors Red Tambourine 10" Jingles 26.95
TC4038 True Colors Red Tambourine 8" Jingles 14.95
TC4040 True Colors Blue Tambourine 10" Jingles 26.95
TC4048 True Colors Blue Tambourine 8" Jingles 14.95
TC4050 True Colors Yellow Tambourine 10" Jingles 26.95
TC4058 True Colors Yellow Tambourine 8" Jingles 14.95
TCFML Fiber Maracas 16.95
TCFMM Fiber Mini Maracas 10.95

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