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The Rhythm Tech DST10

Rhythm Tech DST10

The Rhythm Tech Drum Set Tambourine

The DST is the first tambourine designed specifically for the drummer!

It mounts securely to any stand (with optional DSM2 Universal or DSM Quad), or on the top rod of a Hi-Hat.

A unique polymer Edge widens the playing surface, reduces stick noise and withstands an incredible beating.

Other features include a quick-release wing screw and improved mount for “easy-on / easy-off” and increased stability.


The Rhythm Tech DST with Nickel Jingles
Model Description US List
DST10 Black with Nickel Jingles 47.95
DST11 Black with Brass Jingles 51.95
DST20 White with Nickel Jingles 47.95
DST21 White with Brass Jingles 51.95
DST30 Red with Nickel Jingles 47.95
DST50 Yellow with Nickel Jingles 47.95
DST80 Purple with Nickel Jingles 47.95

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