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The Rhythm Tech RTDKP2

Rhythm Tech RTDKP2

Drum Kit Pack 2

The DKP2 is a great twist on our original DKP, swaping the cowbell for our versitle Moonblock.

RT7902 - DSM2 Mount
DST10 - Mountable Tambourine
RT3400 - Moonblock

Model Description US List
RT3005M 5" Studio Series Cowbell with Mount 46.95
RT3400M Moon Block + DSM2 Mount 60.95
RTCNZ Canz Red/Green/Blue 89.95
RTDKP Drum Kit Pack 111.95
RTDKP2 Drum Kit Pack 2 111.95
RTSMP2 Stickball + Stick Jingl-er 2 Pack 37.95

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